Global Sourcing Network

With 20+ years’ experience, we’ve made legendary connections locally and around the world with trustworthy and quality suppliers. You gain access to industry heavyweights working together, creating some of the best promo Australia has seen.

When it comes to quality partners, we don’t take decisions lightly as their credibility goes hand in hand with our credibility!  Our manufacturing partners are amongst the largest global suppliers of promotional products selling to over 100 countries worldwide.

They are long-established, reliable, and reputable companies that comply with Social, Product Safety, Product Quality, Supply Chain Security, Modern Slavery and Environmental Impact audits (BSCI – Five pillars of compliance) and then some!

Backed by Global Industry Specialists

Our passionate team never leaves things to chance and in our pursuit of being ahead of the game, we have access to the world’s industry expertise.  As long-term members of the associations below, we network with a vast array of verified suppliers globally to offer you the latest products and decoration ideas:

APPA – Australasian Promotional
Products Association

APPA promotes the development, integrity and creativity of the industry, ensuring good business practices and the highest industry and community standards.

PPAI – Promotional Products
Association International

Established in 1903 in the USA, PPAI is the trusted leader delivering essential knowledge, resources and community to ensure the success of their members and the promotional products industry.

SAGE – Promotional Product Research
and Marketing Tools

Established in 1992 in the USA, Sage was founded to transform the promo industry with newer technology, lower prices and exceptional customer service.  This enables us to access over 1 million products from 4,300 supplier globally.

Project Management

Who doesn’t love a project?  We understand project management isn’t every one’s cup of tea but to be completely honest, we thrive on it. We believe that the essence of great Project Management is to simply make your life and our life easier.

Reasons why we swear by good project management:

Defines a clear plan

With a clear path mapped out from start to finish, a good organisational project plan ensures the outcome meets the goals of your project.

Develops a schedule

Set out timelines and key milestones to ensure your project stays on track, on budget, and stress-free.

Identifies key players and responsibilities

A well-planned project inspires teamwork and collaboration. It brings people together to share ideas and workload.

Maximises resources

By enforcing project management disciplines and utilising our custom CRM and Job tracking tools, we minimise risk and reduce costs. Integration is key to project success.

Manages product design
and quality

Regular checks and milestones ensure the product design and quality meets the client’s goals and expectations.

Creates a knowledge base

Project Management is a skill that is constantly evolving and it’s important that we continue to learn from the process and be able to share with new clients and members of our team.

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